On Christmas Eve Robert addresses a real set of problems. The first being the influence of a poorly written historical work called the Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop and its impact on the Jehovah Witnesses and its similar spiritual permeation into Messianic/Hebrew Roots.

Secondly there is no messianic speaking about the debate from the church fathers perspective as to the controversy of Christs birth both for and against it.

Finally culminating in Messianic/Hebraic rejection of the Gospel message Christians of all denominational stripes rejoice this time of year in Luke chapter 2 at the birth of the savior. While we in our righteous Hebraic heritage do the same with pseudo-historical books like the 4 volumes of Maccabees for Hannukkah and in the 2nd extra biblical celebration of Purim in the book of Esther.

By rejecting the sincere and loving message that Christs birth we have in affect rejected a unity that is needed more dire than ever in these darkening days.

Please consider the information in prayer and supplication before fathers throne.