Author: Kimberly Rogers-Brown - Beast Watch News

Jerusalem Next! – 03/10/2017

Heads up! There was a lot of war news this past week. Iran has issued another warning to the US via its ally, North Korea. Iran and the US encountered each others’ navies in the Straits of Hormuz last week and the US moved more troops into Syria. This will make Iran very “happy” and give them more reason to move forward with war! Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is getting more deeply entrenched with the Russian election scandal and may face investigation. The 7th largest world’s economy is collapsing. It is now in 9th place because it has fallen...

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Economic Factors – The Good & Bad News

The US economy has been in boom mode since President Donald Trump took office. The stock market is in its longest period of sustained growth since 1987 and it is at historic peak levels. Will this a long trend or are there conditions coming that will cause another downswing? “The leading sectors are the service sector (banking, insurance, transportation, commerce, publishing, entertainment) and industry (oil, arms, consumer products, aerospace, automotive, electronics, information technology, telematics). Also important is the weight of the primary sector, especially in soybean and cereal production (corn, wheat) and livestock, despite the small number of employees....

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Tracking Trump’s Troubles And His Trouble-Making

President Donald Trump is still stirring the trouble pot in Israel and Iran. His own pot is being stirred by his enemies at home.  The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has significantly increased the scope and frequency of its combat training to counter the jihadist enemies around Israel building up their power. Israeli military planners believe they will need a ground offensive, in addition to the use of massive air power against enemy targets in the event of any future large-scale conflict, whether it be against Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas or Iran. The move is also in response to the Lebanese military’s announcement this week that it will fight along...

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