This week, we continue our series on Courtship – God’s Way. For a total of four weeks, we will interview young ladies as they share their stories and seek to encourage you.

Natali Wilson is a fun-loving, 20 year old woman of Yahweh. She resides in Crawford, CO with her husband and her daughter, and she is expecting another baby in October. Natali started with her messianic walk in the spring of 2006. She really began being molded by Yahweh when she was 16 years old, having her personal Bat Mitzvah at 17. Natali so enjoys Hebrew dancing and singing worship. In the summer of 2012 she joined a lyrical/ballet dance team and was part of that until she had to ready herself for marriage.

Natali strives to do only Yahweh’s will for her life and her family’s lives. She is trying her hardest to be the wife and mother that she knows her Abba wants her to be. In the future, Natali plans to write a book on Biblical parenting. She also wishes to work with kids in the foster system, and hopes to do foster care when her children are grown.

Overall, Natali loves God and loves people. She is always willing to encourage and help people understand Yahweh’s calling on their lives. She is very excited about her future and what Yahweh has in store for her life, and her family. She looks forward to growing in her faith and trust, knowing that Yahweh is in control and that He has the perfect timeline for her.

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