In his public ministry, Yeshua taught that elevating of earthly wisdom can lead to holding some people in contempt, calling them by the Aramaic term “raqa.” Saying this or even thinking this about another is akin to calling them an empty head, an idiot, stupid, uneducated, and other derogatory ideas concluding with the term “a fool” which comes from Psalm 14:1. Then, there is the Serpent creature of Genesis 3:1 who used his high wisdom and shrewdness to provoke Eve and Adam by challenging them to his made-up game of, “who has the greater wisdom — me or you.” We know where this led them. And what’s worse is that today, we sometimes play the Serpent’s same exact game by walking in our flesh, one to another, and weakening the body of Messiah. In Genesis 2:25 and 3:1, Yehovah calls this behavior shameful, unbecoming, and unseemly; Paul called it “crap” in Philippines 3:8, as he related to it in his own life, and we’ll talk about all this on today’s episode of Real Israel Talk Radio.