House of Hope Orphanage and Children’s ministry – Punjab Province Pakistan

Yesterday on the Morning show we had a guest on who lives in Pakistan. He was raised Catholic among the 99% Muslim population in his small town area of Toba Tek Singh, Punjab province Pakistan. During college 6 years ago a traveler came through from Canada and taught him about Torah, the moedim, YHVH, etc. In has continued to learn and teach people in his area about the Kingdom, the regathering, Messiah, etc. He is only 24 years old and a couple of years ago started an orphanage and youth center in his home. His ministry is primarily to the families of the poor people with children and has an orphanage with 12-15 kids run out of his home as well as a youth center where another 15 kids come from families who are forced to have their kids work in factories, etc. 30 kids total attend his Torah school. He also distributes Bibles in Urdu and ministers to about 300 homes in the area. Read more at www.wix.com/ycspakistan/yhwh.

We especially must help the poor, widows and orphans when we have been asked and the group has been vetted.

Winter in setting in and he needs to buy gloves, hats and jackets for the kids. YHVH is being taught because of his work in the community. He is asking for $25 x 30 kids.

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