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Dr Hollisa Alewine – Footsteps of Messiah Part 29 – (How Far Gone is the Night?)

In Shelach Lekha, the Israelites find themselves at the second major sin of the wilderness, the evil report of the ten spies. The Golden Calf had already brought a tempest of Divine anger and a significant period of judgment, repentance, forgiveness, and rebuilding. The Mishkan (Tabernacle) provided a constant reminder of the Divine Presence that would remain even when Moses departed. Nevertheless, the ten spies did not grow strong in the wilderness with Caleb and Joshua. Instead, their lack of faith brought about the removal of themselves and nearly a whole generation.

We are now in the “second exile” of Babylon, initiated by the Red Beast of Rome, and now Rome’s daughters hold us within the nations and their beastly systems. In this wilderness of the peoples, Israel is given an opportunity to exit the exile of of night and enter the morning of freedom from the Beast and Babylon the Great, the feet and head of the Beast’s image. In this wilderness of the peoples, we have the opportunity to grow strong and go up.

Grow strong and go up.

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Why is the list of the twelve tribes missing two names? There may be clues as to the re-bibliography of the tribes in Revelation, and those clues are found in this week’s seeds of prophecy in Shelach Lekha.

This Torah portion provides some of the primary texts from which the idea of two messiahs arose in Jewish tradition: Messiah bar Ephraim (Hoshea/Joshua) and Messiah bar David (Caleb):

Numbers 13:1-16; 14:1-10; 14:36-38

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