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In earlier lessons on the serpent Pharaoh and how he gave his authority to the first beast kingdom of Babylon, you learned the four kingdoms of the beast: Babylon, Persia/Medea, Greece, Rome, and the mixed iron-and-clay daughters of the Roman Empire in current world systems. Babylon has always sought to rule Heaven with its golden head, but Rome (the Red One, Edom) desired to rule the earth. Nevertheless, they are part of the same image. If the mixed clay and iron feet of the Beast on earth are shaken by judgment (mishpat) by the four horsemen, then the golden head of Babylon, which is given authority by the serpent mystically called Egypt and Babylon fighting in the heavenlies, the entire image will also fall along with its idolatry, deceits, and sorceries.

This “coalition” would have only a short time to continue deceiving mankind. In Re’eh, the destruction of idolatrous cities, idolators, and false prophets is described in detail for Israel. These details will emerge in the judgment on the idolatrous nations in John’s Revelation…

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Re’eh holds some of the severest judgments for idolatry. The “odds and ends” that follow are not a disconnected jumble of various instructions. Jewish scholars have been discussing their connections from long ago, but perhaps the easiest summary is found in the Book of Revelation. Israel’s destruction of idol-worship was to create a pattern for the other nations. By destroying the idols, Israel would inherit a land where freedom invited unity, not multiple gods.

The most widely-recognized judgment fulfilled in Revelation is the one pronounced upon an idolatrous city that must be burned to the ground: “Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great…” And it will continue to smoke in order to warn the world away from the deception of idolatry.

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