Moving forward from last week, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us into Romans chapters 11 and 12, then to Ephesians chapter 2, where he interprets the writing of the apostle Paul quite a bit differently than most of us have ever heard taught before.

Because of this, Rabbi Steve clarifies further his position on the understanding of “grace” or favor, specifically whether it is merited or unmerited. Could it be both? In this message we see the beauty of the kindness and faithfulness of our Creator as He offers the opportunity to enter into His Covenant even though we have done nothing up to that point to deserve it.


• Romans 10:17 talks of “hearing by the Word of God”, is there an underlying message that is lost in the translation?

• What exactly is the “Good News”?

• What is the “disease” we see in the Bible from start to finish?

• All people before Acts 2 could not be “righteous” because they didn’t have the Holy Spirit? • Can you empty yourself?

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