Why was Messiah Yeshua “delivered up” and then “raised”?

Is Yahweh “obligated” to us?

What is the one thing on which Jews and Christians agree?

Is the apostle Paul teaching his congregation against circumcision of the flesh? Is “circumcision of the heart” a concept exclusive to the New Testament?

This teaching is particularly challenging for the teacher and for the listener/disciple because of how the apostle Paul chose to word his thoughts in this letter to the beloved, set-apart ones in Rome.

Taking us into Romans, chapters 4 and 5, Rabbi Steve Berkson brings clarity to this problematic text through context (who is speaking, to whom is the speaking directed, when, why and where), redefining terminology (circumcision/uncircumcision to covenanted/not covenanted), and by moving slowly through the text, not glossing over any phrase or passage.

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