Rabbi Steve Berkson concludes teaching us about overcoming “Beliefs, Behaviors, Attitudes and Lifestyles.” He begins with taking us to Luke 9:57-62 where we see several men coming to Yeshua expressing a desire to follow Him, but rather, Yeshua makes an example of them as to “those who look back are not fit for the Kingdom of Elohim.” We will hear the word ‘but’ used quite often as those men will give their reasons/excuses for delaying following Yeshua.

Rabbi Steve brings us to understand that our “Big Brother is watching us” and watching over us, interceding for us as we walk the path of righteousness.

We learn about the ‘Rule of Thirds’ as it applies to how we should seek counsel from those who are more experienced than we in our relationship with the Father and Son.

Rabbi Steve teaches us the common way that people try to rationalize and justify what they want to do by pulling together a coalition of their peers.

Then, Rabbi Steve moves into the subject of overcoming the world and takes us in scripture to 1 John 5:1-5 and the Epistle of James chapters 1 and 2. Rabbi Steve exhorts us to not let anybody “shake your tree” when comes to being Torah Observant as having belief/faith has to be coupled with being obedience; “faith without works is dead…”

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