In this 35th part of the series, The Heart of the Matter, Rabbi Steve Berkson moves us into the book of the Prophet Ezekiel to explore what YHWH had to say to His people, Israel, while they were in the Babylonian exile. In chapter 2 the prophet Ezekiel was told to speak “Thus says YHWH” to the people no matter who listened or who didn’t listen and to not be rebellious as they were. Then, in chapter 3, Ezekiel was given a scroll to eat which was the Word of YHWH and it was as sweet as honey. Rabbi Steve expounds on how through the scriptures YHWH’s Word is compared to the sweetness of honey. In the 11th chapter we ?nd that in the dispersion YHWH is our set-apart (holy) place for a little time but that He will gather those who love Him and cling to Him from every place that they have been scattered unto Himself.

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