Rabbi Steve Berkson focuses on the topic of “Who Shall be Saved?”, as he takes us to the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13. There we find the parable Yeshua taught about “The Wheat and the Tares” – which was meant to describe two types of people within the congregation of Elohim. How do we know today who is which? Does that responsibility rest on us? If Elohim knows about this (He does), why does He allow it? What will be done and when? By whom?

From there Rabbi Steve moves to Paul’s letter written to those who were in Rome–those who’s eyes and ears were opened and whose hearts were ready to receive–those who should know better. In chapter 11 Paul begins by posing the question, “Has God rejected His people?” Rabbi Steve points out that even then people were consumed with “Who gets in and who doesn’t”. So much so that in chapter 11 we read Paul explaining the plan of Elohim through a metaphor using olive trees. What are the branches? What is the root? What is the real problem going on here?

This teaching is loaded with what you need for your daily walk and to understand more deeply the love of the Father toward you.

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