After a quick review of part 1, Rabbi Steve Berkson continues exploring the doctrine of “once saved, always saved” and the relationship between salvation, faith and works.

Rabbi Steve plays the little game called, “What if I had the power to live forever and could choose those with whom to live forever.” During the Pesach seder, the tradition of “The Four Cups” is performed–the four cups being Sanctification, Deliverance, Redemption and Acceptance, aka, “the “salvation process”.

In this teaching Rabbi Steve focuses on the last three cups. Deliverance–deliverance from what? The Law? Which law? Redemption–what is redemption? Who was redeemed and who was the redeemer? Acceptance–where do we see an acceptance by The Creator of a people? What did that look like? How do you know if you’ve been accepted? Is there an expectation by anyone to do something?

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