If we already “possess” everlasting life, why are we instructed by Messiah Yeshua in John chapter 6 not to labor for the bread that perishes but rather for the bread that is remaining unto everlasting life which the Son of Adam gives?

What is that “bread” referring to? How do men get this concept wrong?

Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us deeper into the Gospel of John, chapter 10 verse 24, where we see the followers/disciples of Messiah Yeshua referred to as sheep. Who are his sheep? Who are not his sheep? What does it mean to be considered his sheep.

What is the heavenly hierarchy?

From there Rabbi Berkson moves us to 1 John chapter 5 and asks the question, what does it mean that we should possess the Son? (5:12)

Then lastly Rabbi Berkson takes us to 1 John chapter 2 where we see the importance of having a relationship with the Messiah. How do we have a relationship with the Messiah?

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