Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship for a two-part look at parsha Vayeshev, Genesis chapters 37 through 40, and the first installment concerning the life of Yosef,

Certainly this story is among the primary examples in Scripture of ‘the Plan of Yah,’ and how it works out, to preserve life.

But there is so much more here, especially in a time where we, now, are on the verge of a breakdown so similar to – in some respect – but ultimately far more deadly than, the ‘seven lean years’ of the time of Joseph. And the time prophesied to follow.

Yosef has been called the model for the ‘suffering servant,’ and type of the Savior to come: Mashiach ben Yosef. And like him, we have much to learn. Which is why his story is so revealing.

The Sabbath teaching explores that aspect of this first part of his life more deeply, starting with the somewhat unusual introduction, which seems to imply an initial level of immaturity; he is, after all, only 17 years old at that point.

Ultimately, the story is about a life which he might not have chosen for himself, at least up front, but which does prepare him for the work he does for YHVH. And to ‘preserve life.’

“Vayeshev:  Maturity – and the Challenges to Get us there”

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