This week, Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship takes a look at teachings associated with the Passover feast and the first day of the week of Unleavened Bread. As you probably have come to expect, he doesn’t pull punches. And, no, it’s not the same as ‘easter’, but yes, it really DOES matter.

This is also a week of unparalleled turmoil in the world, and arguably none of that is a coincidence. Scripture has warned us about the consequences of rebellion against Him for a very long time.

The focus here is people who have a heart to “search out the Truth for themselves.” This teaching is not going to sit well with many people who would prefer NOT to hear what Yahuah has to say about things He calls ‘abomination’. And that includes pagan traditions that the whore church claims are cute and harmless, but where He clearly says otherwise. ‘Cause if what’s going on – in “such a time as this” – doesn’t at the very least make us angry, or even “sigh and cry” – then what’s happened before will no doubt happen again.

It may never have mattered more.

“It’s ‘Pesach,’ or Passover, not ‘easter’ – and it’s time to DO DATES”