Parsha “Korach” (Numbers chapters 16 through 18) is about what is probably the most famous – or infamous – ‘rebellion’ in Scripture. Which is part of the reason the lesson is oh-so-relevant today.

The Erev Shabbat overview:

Korach and those who rebelled against Moshe and Aaron’s leadership claimed to want to worship and serve Yahuah. Arguaby, power and self-aggrandizement were also imnportant to their motivation. And their fate still serves as a warning.

Yet there are parallels, and other elements which are utterly antithetical, in the worldwide rebellion in progress today.

Clearly there are both more “power hungry” wannabe tyrants at work today. But “serving God” isn’t part of their agenda. Well, unless one asks, “which?…”

“Korach: Rebellion, or ‘Argument for the Sake of Hell-on-Earth'”

The combined two-part teaching is here: