Hugh Lanning, a former chairman of the pro-BDS Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), was denied entry into Israel owing to his alleged efforts to promote a boycott of Israel. Some of the PSC’s members were aboard vessels that were part of the flotilla aiming to break the blockade against Gaza in 2010. Lanning met with senior Hamas figures in Gaza in 2012, including top official Ismail Haniyeh. “Those who act against Israel must understand that the reality has changed,” said Erdan in response. “No sane country would grant entry to central, pro-BDS figures who want to harm it and isolate it.”

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    “We are committed to non-discrimination against Israeli academicians and institutions by supporters of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), and many of us have leadership positions in the struggle against it. This law undermines our ability to continue to do so. There should be no doubt that this law will have a chilling effect on students wishing to seek an education in Israel, colleagues anxious to engage in research, and those wanting to participate in conferences.” No one should suffer the consequences of his actions against Israel? Tell Yeshua that when He returns to pass judgement on all the nations of the earth.

If there is one place in Europe that could be most justifiably troubled by Donald Trump’s mysterious relationship with Moscow, it is the windswept coastal town of Bodø lying just inside the Arctic Circle in Norway. 

Russia and Norway continue to cooperate over coastguard operations, search and rescue and border guards. A weekly Skype call between the two countries is made just to test the line. Otherwise there is silence, and observation.

The appearance of calm does not mask the fact that the Russian posture in the high north has changed as Moscow develops its fleet of increasingly sophisticated submarines and aircraft, which are being tested in the north Atlantic alongside new high-precision long-range missiles. The fear is that Nato could lose the ability to deny Russia naval access to the north Atlantic, and Russia could block or disrupt US reinforcement to Europe.

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