Still practiced as an integral part of many pagan faiths, cremation takes center stage in hour one of T2TN, and many callers and e-mailers took exception to Jim Staley’s position that cremation should only be avoided for Hebrews, including Rabbi Yonatan Wilson and teacher Bill Sanford. They pointed out that only the unrighteous were burned as a part of their death ceremony, and righteous men throughout scripture were buried. You are invited to join the debate by commenting on the blog below. Also, the second hour featured David Mathews of Manna from Heaven Ministries teaching about the Biblically mandated moedim, or “set apart times”  commanded by YHVH for all His people to keep forever. Two very good discussions. The second hour centered around Yom Teruah, aka the Feast of Trumpets or Shouting, that will begin on the Rabbinic calendar on Sept. 8 and the Biblical calendar on Sept. 10 this year.