This week’s Torah portion is tackled by HezekiYah Haas, Jeff Gilbert, Scot Dryer, Mark Call, and of course Don and Devorah! 🙂 Yithro, or Jethro, was the father-in-law of Moses; this teaching is highlighted by several major points of interest, including organization, authority, sharing of responsibility AND the 10 words or commandments. Also there are discussions on the Temple and its application for today, a woman’s “cycle,” end-times and a big bunch more – it’s a really good program, and all the teachers give out their personal email addresses for our listeners’ more private questions.

Exo 18:1-20:23 (26)
YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6 (6-7)
Timothy/Timtheous 3:1-16

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