Randy Yarborough is back this week to join Mark Call and talk about the major events of a week where AmeriCCPa is starting to wake up and realize what a communist regime takeover looks like.

The Marionette-in-Chief is signing ‘executive orders’ he doesn’t understand, the FBI and DHS are targeting what they laughably call “DVE’s” for “Domestic Violent Extremists” for their online speech, while playing catch and release with actual violent terrorists who bomb buildings and attack people. And the entire concept of ‘free speech’ is now being throttled.

But there is a bit of what might end up being good news. A few ‘gamers’ and online market traders have decided to strike back at some of the worst of Wall Street, by “running the shorts” on a few stocks that had been sold short by overleveraged hedge funds, like Melvin Capital. And the stock of “GameStop” not only exploded, but cost the manipulators literally billions.

Mark asks an important question, that should be important to those preparing for the inevitable fiat debt collapse and economic meltdown anyway: What if the next attack by the “fed-up peons” is against the most manipulated, short-sold commodity on the planet…silver?

Will the fraudsters realize that “Financially-Violent Extremists” can hit ’em where it REALLY hurts?

And shouldn’t we be doing what Proverbs says the wise and prudent do anyway? (Prov. 22:3, 27:12)