Co-hosts Mark Call and Jeff Gilbert review a week of major news events which now make it virtually impossible for those with “eyes to see” to deny that the attempt to destroy the United States is not only deliberate, but largely successful.

What was once called “civil disobedience” is now simply an ability to read the Bill of Rights as written, or to understand what Scripture has prophesied. But the chasm between those who see where we are and what’s coming, and those who drink the Kool-aid, wear the mandated placebo facial burkas, and behave like good little slaves, has never been wider.

What is clear is that those who follow YHVH need to “come out of her,” while we still can. Where Jeff and Mark seem to disagree is on whether or not getting out of the major cesspool cities — while a necessary start — is even remotely enough.

Note: The Dr. Coffman referenced during the show as the man who exposed the UN agenda behind the so-called “Wildlands Project,” and was instrumental in rejecting ratification of the “Biodiversity treaty, is the late Dr. Michael S. Coffman.” Notably, his bio has been expunged from places like Wikileaks, but for now, at least, his volume of works, including over five books on topics ranging from environmental religion to how America was plundered, are still available.