This was a ‘particularly revealing week.’

We’re probably getting used to the Big Lie from Big Brother and his Public-Private Partners, and even the revelations that keep coming about just HOW corrupt and Evil the whole fetid corrupt enterprise is.

But something has now changed.

Host Mark Call suggested that the news, and the CONTRASTS in the news, that are now available for all with “eyes to see,” make it clear that AmeriKa is now “without excuse” when it comes to an admitted, un-denied, vitriolic HATRED for the God of the Bible and His Word.

Don’t miss this discussion as he and David Justice take a look at indicators which may have now reached the point where a comparison with a couple of prophecies are in order. Jeremiah warned about a nation made a “hissing,” and Jonah was sent to warn Ninevah. But they had a king who actually “repented,” and even put on sackcloth and ashes, while AmeriKa has a fake in adult Pampers.