David Justice and Mark Call wrap up a week of news where the prophecy that things “hidden, will be revealed” is finally beginning to sound like ad understatement.

Increasingly, it is undeniable that those in positions of power – if not real Authority – really do intend to kill as many people as possible. To the point where it’s barely even being hidden any more.

Team Deep State is “double-dog daring” the rest of the nuclear armed world to hit us. The same servants of Satan who oversaw the biggest toxic chemical spill in recent memory did the unimaginable, and proceeded to light it off, turning a major disaster into a nuclear-scale toxic devastation – but won’t even say the key word – DIOXIN – out loud. And they know what the result will be, even if those who still believe the Ministry of Truth won’t until it’s way too late.

And there’s another Arkancide that makes even the worst Bill ‘n Hitlery jokes seem tame. But it connects the dots.

And it’s what we do now that really matters. Be not deceived, and don’t miss this one.