It’s no longer quite adequate to note that much of the world has simply gone insane.

But what’s really crazy is how bluntly the Fourth Reich in the DC Swamp is pushing for WW III. Mark Call refers to it as “Putin’s Dilemma”. Once, the official nuclear deterrent strategy was called “Mutually Assured Destruction,” aka “MAD.” But since it’s now clear that those pushing for outright nuclear war ARE just plain mad, and well beyond even senile, what IS the sane response?

If Putin simply orders a first strike, those “poking the bear” arguably got what they were asking for. But – who would believe the BidenFuhrer is really running anything anyway, or that taking off the head of that snake would solve the real problem? Thus, Putin’s Dilemma. Just dealing with the insane always LOOKS insane.

As usual, the goal is to ‘dig deeper,’ and consider things that are happening over which we have considerably more influence than International Insanity.