As they look back at the events of this week, Randy Yarborough and Mark Call ask a lot of questions:

Why do mass ‘gun killings’ always seem to happen in Gun-Free Killing Zones? OK, well maybe that’s obvious, so, why does the media not want to mention those that didn’t end up as such, because the ‘Darwin award’ winner failed to confirm that the intended victims were, in fact, Gun Free?

Did Fauci REALLY just admit that he’s not so much concerned about making the peons WEAR their face diapers, but just having the power force them to do so?

Isn’t it funny that WHO – the same tyrannical bunch of UN idiots who wanted to mandate masks and destroy businesses worldwide – are fine with the spread of ‘monkeypox’ when it’s for PC causes, like “pride”?

And, good grief – what has happened to the US Marines?

The answers point us to the solution.