DVDs will be available tonight in lots of ways:

The 4-DVD set is available for $59 in hard copy, or $35 sent to you by electronic file that you download from email. Includes raw foods teachings and music.

Audio files of the conference are available on DVD (can only be heard on computers) for $35. Audio files are available on CDs (still determining how many it will take) – approx 8 C’s for $45.
Audio files are available for electronic transfer to you for $25 (will be sent by email).

Teaching notes are included.

If you are unable to support the ministry with donations in these amounts and have a clear conscience, then there is no charge – simply ask and electronic files can be sent to you for free.

1) Go to the T2TN Donation box – in the memo area – order one of the following:
DVD set Hard copy – $59
DVD set E copy – $35
Audio Files on DVD (computer play only) – $30
Audio Files on CDs (computer or CD player) – $45
Audio Files by Electronic Mail – $25
2) Place your order by phone: 503-316-1220
3) By mail: Hebrew Nation Radio, 3190 Lancaster Drive NE, Salem, OR 97305

Your donation and support is greatly appreciated to help us regather Abba’s people.