This week a special guest joins host Mark Call to talk about some key aspects of what we should consider as we “come out of” a world that seems poised to get even more chaotic at a ‘date certain’ associated with an election, widespread fraud, and the unrest intended to follow.

Celeste Solum will be familiar to many through her work of, among other things, warning people what is coming via alternatives to the ‘major media’ and controlled press. What some may not be aware of is her depth of Torah-based understanding.

Join Mark and Celeste as they discuss where we are, and what matters most now, from preparing our homes, to preparing for the coming famine and ‘Mark of the Beast’ that will accompany the intended fallout.

As mentioned during the show, Celeste Solum and her work can be found at ‘ and

The alternatives to Apple and Google (Gulag) and their Big-Brother Enabled tracking phones mentioned can be seen at