The turmoil that has been unleashed upon not just “AmeriKa-with-a-K” but the whole world is not limited to the police-state enabling “PLANdemic,” or far-left-funded rioters and looters. It’s something that relates directly to an anti-constitutional fiat money system that the Bible repeatedly calls an “abomination” to Yahuah, and which carries a curse.

That is all now becoming undeniable.

But the description in Deuteronomy chapter 25 also includes a specific and immediate reference to “Amalek” as somehow directly related to dishonest weights and measures.

Join Mark Call as he ‘connects the dots’ between a system that “smites the hindmost,” and is most destructive when, like today, so many are “faint and weary.” And — no doubt about it — they “fear not God.”

Is there a more apt description of a dishonest system that has now enslaved the whole world?

And, through the battles that are coming, can we be “overcomers?”

Amalek AmeriKa – and what that is so important to understand!