Is this ‘Covid-19’ Coronavirus pandemic — admitted openly yet or not — “the Big one”? And even if it is, do we expect that those who have sleep-walked through all the previous warnings will suddenly wake up and decide to “come out of her” for this one?

Truthfully, it may already be too late for many, because by now no doubt there are perhaps thousands of people infected by carriers who still won’t show symptoms for days, if not weeks. And that’s probably not long enough for those who are still smoking, drinking aspartame-laced soft-poisons, and eating frankencorn, pork, shellfish, and other ‘NOT-Food’ to get their immune systems ready for the onslaught. Those who know Who they serve, on the other hand, are as ready as we can be.

So what NOW? AFTER the disaster, after “TSHTF,” and “TEOTWAWKI” — what THEN?