What happens, or at least SHOULD happen, “when push comes to shove?”

The gloves are off, and this week Americans saw just how much CONTEMPT the likes of Nancy Pelosi had for all of us, our God, our God-given Rights, and the entire concept of the “Rule of Law”.

In Virginia, “representatives” who put their collectivist hands on a Bible and lied were hardly even slowed down by the presence of 50 or 100 thousand law-abiding armed citizens who showed up to remind them who they are supposed to serve. They merely spat in their faces, doubled-down, and continued their efforts to steal property once protected by the Bill of Rights.

Will Americans who realize how far down the Road to Tyranny we have already come be polite NEXT time when they realize that “petitioning the government for a redress of grievances,” or even “elections,” don’t mean much when wannabe dictators make war on them?

There’s a Right Way, and a very much “wrong way” to “hold their feet to the fire!”