Truth is the first casualty of war, but it may also be the first casualty of “existential threats” that really aren’t.

Isn’t is “funny” how an ultimately fairly innocuous childhood malady like measles became a panic-inducing CRISIS last year — so horrific that tyrants in New York felt compelled to force-vaccinate children and demonize and penalize parents who chose NOT to inject them — but what MIGHT be the most severe pandemic in modern medical history is “no real problem,” at least UNTIL the CDC decides it’s time to induce panic?

Mark takes a look at the 20% truth hidden in the 80% propaganda surrounding the latest Massive Distraction, and what it might mean for those who know what “come out of her,” is about “for such a time as this.”

Real vs Propagandized “Existential Threats,” and the Wannabe Tyrants Who Push Them!