Mark welcomes Sheriff Richard Mack, found of the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” ( and the man primarily responsible for one of the most important Bill of Rights-affirming Supreme Court decisions in our lifetime, Mack v US (later consolidated into Printz v US) which affirmed the authority of what he correctly calls the highest elected law enforcement officer in the land, county sheriffs, to honor their oaths and serve and protect their citizenry, as confirmed by the Tenth Amendment.

Don’t miss this look at another one of the important things we as individuals can do to reaffirm our choice to ‘withdraw consent’ from a system which too often now considers “the law” to be whatever those who despise it and Him say it is. And to ‘speak the Truth boldly’ to our local community, and local sheriff, in the process.

An inexpensive, but vital, short summary of the case is available on the website,, as are his many books, from “From My Cold Dead Fingers,” to the most recent, “THe County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope.”