The number of court cases which, for good or ill, tend to focus on what were once fundamental, Constitutionally-protected Rights, seems to have exploded in the last few weeks.

And in the high-profile case of Missouri v Biden, and the issue of whether the US Supreme Court can even recognize even the most simple concept associated with freedom of speech, and reject an outright “Ministry of Truth,” the fact that they might NOT is mind-numbing.

While in Illinois, a District Court judge has ruled that an illegal alien has a right to keep and bear arms; yet another almost shocking result. Some are stunned that an Obama appointee managed to read the Second Amendment, others marvel that illegal aliens seem to have rights that “US Citizens” do not.

Why is it that what were once basic Constitutional Rights, in the First and Second Amendments, seem to have become a ‘crap shoot’ in a court system that seems to have made a joke of the entire Rule of Law as well? And what does that tell us?

Host Mark Call suggests that Scripture has been right all along, and what just be emerging is ‘the Truth,’ even if ‘judges’ would still prefer to hide it.