There can no longer be any doubt that the ‘plagues’ warned about in Revelation 18:4 are now at hand. And both the sins of a nation which has so thoroughly turned from Him to massive Evil and the surety of judgment are equally obvious, at least to those with ‘eyes to see’.

But this week, we’ve seen things that tie so much of that together.

Warning: This is perhaps the most blunt, most hard-hitting, yes, even the most angry “Come out of her, My people” Show I’ve ever done.

It has to do with a number of things – all connected – from the deliberate destruction of the US military, to the gutting of West Point (announced this week: no more “Duty, Honor, Country”) to the DEI-death of what was once the world’s premier Aerospace company – Boeing. Now a deadly joke.

But it all culminates in that story of kids sent to cesspool hell-hole “indoctrination centers” to be turned into tools of the Adversary, and be conditioned to – literally – bash other kids’ brains out.


“Boeing – the Poster Child for Collapsing Empire”