Satan’s A-Team is meeting again this week in Davos, Switzerland, and the thing that is perhaps most obvious about the Totalitarian Evil being so openly plotted is that they aren’t even trying to hide the outright Satanism that underlies it.

By this time, a number of the engineered crises that have been plotted to destroy much of civilization and enslave humanity (or worse) are also obvious:

– the Bioweapon and follow-on Plandemic
– the Eco-weapon and “climate change” as an excuse for carbon [people] controls
– the economic weapon, and inevitable fiat/debt collapse
– the border invasion and ‘civil war 2.0’ that accompanies it, as well as…
– the coming “Great Taking.”

Most of those have been discussed on this show, even to the point of entire programs.

Each of them, in isolation, may seem overwhelming, devastating, even terrifying. In combination, most people who have been blindsided up until this point then to simply recoil, and deny what should be obvious.

Which is the real point of today’s show:

Can we begin to see that the more ‘hopeless’ things look, the more vitally important it is that we understand that there was a REASON YHVH warned us about all of this in advance?