“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” — Psalm 11:3

Have you ever noticed how we seem to have finally reached the point where just about EVERYTHING the Bible says “don’t do” is not only being taught in the PubliK Cesspools, but subsidized, advertised, and now mandated by the ‘courts’? And things that Scripture outlines literally as the basis for a righteous society are not only “politically incorrect,” but now even ‘VERBOTTEN!’

There’s a reason one of the first institutions to be created by Him, and then destroyed by those who hate Him, was MARRIAGE, and the concept of Covenant.

But the fact that concepts that are SO central to His Word and plan for us are now SO “politically incorrect” — to the point of being forbidden to even discuss — shows why we need to do more than merely ‘study to show ourselves approved.’ We need to speak the Truth, too.