December 7th is remembered, at least by some not ‘Publik Skool Indoctrunatid” as a day of infamy. A sneak attack. But, today, the attack, and the invasion, and the destruction, are not even remotely stealthy.

So this week, it’s time for what Einstein used to call a “thought experiment.” And host Mark Call shows may be a key to understanding what is coming.

Given what is obvious – and Mark begins by laying just some of that out, for reference – that Communist China, and the WEF, and the Deep State (but maybe all of that is redundant) and all the others Servants of Evil, and the Prince of This World – intend to kill billions, and destroy the USA as just a part of that process…
…then how might that play out?

Can you kill off most of the population here, say, 90%, as Deagle has already predicted, but still keep most of the infrastructure ready for occupation by the invaders, already coming by the millions?

And, if you do have to unleash, say, an EMP to take out the power grid and the banking system, doesn’t that strike a blow against what needs to be ready for the coming “Mark of the Beast?”

Mark suggests that if we thoughtfully and prayerfully consider scenarios, and alternatives, and compare against the insanity we see being unleashed on a dumbed-down world, some things will fall into place, while other possibilities can be rejected as unlikely or untenable.

The title of this show really won’t make sense until the end. But it explains SO much:

“Paganism IS Insanity”