Host Mark Call has long suggested that the “velvet glove” is off, and the Iron Fist of Tyranny once hidden within has been revealed. Lately it’s become undeniable that those who literally serve ‘the Adversary’ [HaSatan] truly do come but to steal, destroy, and now kill.

It’s not even just their unholy sacrament of abortion, either. They’ve already killed more young children with the Zyklon-B injecticide than the Fauci/Wuhan Flu ever did…and that was before deciding to extend the carnage to toddlers as well.

So is it any surprise that the Grave Dancers are out in force, trying to convince gullible, dumbed-down AmeriKans that, since Gun-Free Killing Zones have worked SO well for killing ever more kids, they not only want more of the ‘hair of the dog’, but aren’t even hiding their glee over the prospect of full Nazi-style gun confiscation.

And – what an AMAZING coincidence – it just so happens that this is the very same week they’re rolling out Plandemic 2.0, and the Booga Booga Pox.

It’s time to connect some dots. Because the choice really IS – life and blessing, or death and cursing.

The Culture of Death