This may be one of the most blunt – the most hard-hitting – “come out of her” shows that host Mark Call has done. And, as regular listeners already know, that is saying something.

Why was Hitler – or Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot, or even those who control Biden – able to kill SO many people? Answer: By the time they FIGURED OUT what he really intended to do to them, they were already on the train. (Or had already taken the ‘booster’.)

The hardest thing for most who will soon be among the masses of dead to accept is that this Evil really does “come but to kill and destroy”. Many listening, having “ears to hear, and eyes to see,” already know how far down that path to destruction a once-free nation, and indeed most of the world, have already come. But we all have friends, loved ones, and neighbors who do not.

We must either convince them, or leave. Some who are not able to do that may die with them.

We can’t make other peoples’ choices for them, or even force them to listen. But the intent here is to provide “TOOLS.”