Any way you slice it, there’s a “whole lotta weirdness” going on right now. To the point that it’s pretty obvious — at least to those with eyes to see — that there’s something else being hidden by all the smoke, mirrors, distractions, and ‘fake news’, that we’re NOT supposed to see.

Host Mark Call suggests that those of us not willing to believe “Six IMPOSSIBLE Things Before Breakfast” should look a little deeper, and ask the important question, “why is there suddenly such a bum’s rush NOW to implement SO much Tyranny SO fast? …from speech controls and gun confiscation to mandatory vaccines and 5G[enocide].

The answer pretty much has to be that there’s some ELSE big, coming soon, that we’ve been lied to about. And it seems that Big Brother is literally “hell-bent” on getting the peons dumbed-down, controlled, enslaved, and especially disarmed NOW, before they realize what’s going to hit them.

Check this show out. Whether it’s ‘food riots’ or Global Solar Minimum, or just old-fashioned war, the plagues we need to come out and away from are already here.