One of the big ‘hurdles’ that those of us who have “come out of her,” or ‘taken the red pill,’ or just started to see that so many “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be REAL face, is that most TV-watching, mainstream-media-believing people just can’t IMAGINE how TRULY Evil those who seek their destruction really are.

“No, nobody could possibly be THAT…depraved, psychopathic, or, yeah downright Evil.” How evil? And there’s a part of the problem. To actually describe the level of Evil working so hard to control, enslave, and ultimately kill hundreds of millions of people today, means we run out of adjectives, superlatives, or even expletives to describe it.

No wonder people can’t believe it. And that is getting them killed. And worse…

But in today’s show, Mark isn’t looking to just DESCRIBE the “level of evil,” or even prove it.

It’s hard to fight something you can’t even describe, much less understand. But you had better be able to recognize it for what it is.