Host Mark Call has an interesting suggestion about how the ‘split’ now dividing the formerly ‘united’ States — and ultimately the whole world — may play out:

many people will succumb to the coming “Internet of Things” and become one of those things. Others will “come out of her,” in every conceivable way, while there just might still be time.

And many, many more, unfortunately, will take the Poison Poke, drink the Kool-Aid, believe the lie, and just plain die. Soon.

So this show covers imminent events in two different spheres. The “metaverse,” which is basically the Big Tech Socialist Media Complex’s term for The Matrix, will be the planned, preferred New Drug for those who “take the wrong pill” (aka ‘blue, for those that remember the movie.)

But those who know what’s coming, and avoid that trap, will have to “Beat the Crack-Up Boom,” first. And it’s almost here.

The Rush to the Exits is next.