There is no doubt that many people with “eyes to see,” are starting to get a sense of URGENCY, that time draws short, and that SOMETHING major seems poised to happen, soon.

Traitors in the “defense” department (how’s THAT for a misnomer!) are preparing to announce that all people in the military service will soon be forced to become human guinea pigs for a ‘NOT-vaccine’ that is already demonstrably the most deadly in US history. And what enemy can’t help but be thrilled at an adversary that forces those who might soon be called on to fight to subject themselves to a debilitating, perhaps even fatal, injection, while those with the good sense to say ‘NO!’ will be forced OUT of the picture.

But Biden’s Brownshirts, and the all-but-certain Mark of the Vaxx, are being hyped for the rest of once-free AmeriKa anyway. And there’s high inflation, from food to fuel, already at hand, with a supply chain breakdown and fiat dollar meltdown, on the immediate horizon as well.

What all that means, says host Mark Call in this week’s installment of the Biblical admonition “for such a time as this,” is, ‘IF you need something, get it NOW!” And as usual, that applies in more ways than one.