Do you feel like you are tired of seeing high-level people caught in illegal activities yet there is no accountability? Does it seem like they get all the breaks, and you are just struggling to get by? Asaph had the same feelings as he wrote Psalm 73. It seems like he may have been reading the same news headlines that we are seeing today! After complaining through about half of the Psalm, he then shifts his focus and goes into the presence of his Heavenly Father who begins to remind him of what the end of the unrighteous will be. It may seem like they are getting by with “murder” but they will stand before the Righteous Judge one day and receive their just reward. Hang on – He will restore all things to their proper order.

Produced by Steve Rees – Calming Harp

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Steve Rees has been producing Harp Music from the Psalms of David for the past 20 years. He has discovered a connection between the Hebrew text of the Psalms and music notes that develop into chord progressions that form the basis for musical compositions that have been appreciated by thousands of followers. We invite you to join the many lives that have been positively affected by this wonderful music