Are you tired of being burdened with the issues of our day? Do you just want to be left alone and allowed to live and breath freely? David has the answer in some of the Psalms he wrote. He was chased through the wilderness by a king who put a bounty on his head. He hid in caves and even went over to the enemies side to try an stay alive. In all these threats to his life, he always turned to his Heavenly Father for the solution to his troubles. Today, we are no more or less troubled by our circumstances and the answer is still the same. Our Heavenly Father is still in control and He will not fail us. He has already written the last chapter and as we stay faithful to Him, our future is bright indeed! David knew his God would see him through; he had an unshakable confidence – Rak Chazak! My son’s YouTube video is available here: Rak Chazak clothing available here:

Produced by – Steve Rees – Harpist

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Steve Rees has been producing Harp Music from the Psalms of David for the past 20 years. He has discovered a connection between the Hebrew text of the Psalms and music notes that develop into chord progressions that form the basis for musical compositions that have been appreciated by thousands of followers. We invite you to join the many lives that have been positively affected by this wonderful music.