The word “Sacrifice” is not a very popular word. Most people see it as uncomfortable. Nobody wants to sacrifice because that means you are going to have to do without something that you really think you need. Scripture sees sacrifice quite differently, however. David speaks of bringing a sacrifice of praise. In another place he writes of a sacrifice of thanksgiving. In this episode, I am using the music of the Frequency of Fire 396 Hz as background music to the subject of how David saw sacrifice. I hope I can help you gain a new perspective – Blessings.

Produced by Steve Rees – Calming Harp

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Steve Rees has been producing Harp Music from the Psalms of David for the past 20 years. He has discovered a connection between the Hebrew text of the Psalms and music notes that develop into chord progressions that form the basis for musical compositions that have been appreciated by thousands of followers. We invite you to join the many lives that have been positively affected by this wonderful music.