Are we able to express our JOY in our Heavenly Father? David reminds us in many of the Psalms that we are to come Joyfully before our Heavenly Father and acknowledge the amazing things that He has done for us. He protects, provides, comforts, heals, and so many more actions on our behalf. If we can get so excited and yell at a football game for some human endeavor, can we not become even more excited for our Heavenly Father’s actions on our behalf? It’s about time we begin to concentrate on what is really important. Let’s start majoring on the major things and minor in the minor things. It’s time to invert our focus and let the world grow strangely dim. Blessings.

Produced by Steve Rees – Calming Harp

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Steve Rees has been producing Harp Music from the Psalms of David for the past 20 years. He has discovered a connection between the Hebrew text of the Psalms and music notes that develop into chord progressions that form the basis for musical compositions that have been appreciated by thousands of followers. We invite you to join the many lives that have been positively affected by this wonderful music.