How can we know if we are in fact thinking, saying, or doing something IN LOVE? Maybe we are not showing love at all! The one thing about what Paul is saying in 1 Corinthians 13:5-6 is that we seem to give ourselves permission to essentially trample over someone’s personal space and/or boundary by requiring that each person that we come into contact with; that they submit to a review of our careful scrutiny and examination involving their thinking, their words, and their actions. We puff ourselves up with pride proven to help others pass a divine inspection because we sometimes appoint ourselves as thought police or as local community fruit inspectors. Or worse, we might even give ourselves permission to be less stringent with ourselves and more stringent with others – See Matthew 23:1-2. Conversely, we might put ourselves under a more stringent kind of scrutiny and inspection in hopes that we too will prove worthy to receive a divine passing grade for our attempted saintliness in the eyes of Almighty Eternal One. I’m sorry, but NO, divine Love does not work this way, at least, not the Love that I understand from scripture.