Author: Dawn Hagedorn

Ezekiel 8-11 & Revelation

What is the image of jealously north of the door of the north gate? Ezekiel digs into the wall of Jerusalem and is shown abominations being done in darkness or secret. What’s going on in Zedekiah’s Cave (also known to the Mason’s as King Solomon’s Mines) under the north wall of Jerusalem? Does Zedekiah’s cave possibly connect to the tunnels under the Western Wall where the underground synagogue with the gold pomegranate globe and 70 seats are?

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Hezekiah’s 2nd Passover & the 2nd Exodus

Revelation Seals, 7 Year Warnings & ‘Gates’ of Hell Quantum Dot Vaccine. We are told in BOTH the Old & New Testaments to ‘come out’, ‘be seperate’ & ‘TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN’. This program looks at this and much more! Revelation Horses & Y’shua’s Matthew 24 Birth Pangs are one in the same & have been riding in unison for 2000 years. ‘Gates’ of Hell Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccination, Mandatory Track-able Vaccines. Signs in the Heavens, Warnings of Seven & Hezekiah’s 2nd Passover. A must listen to program & must watch video.

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2nd Passover, 2nd Exodus & Revelation Seals

Most people have since dismissed the 2014-15 blood moon tetrad as all hype and no substance, but is that the case?  Or were they perhaps marking the beginning of a 7 year warning?  YHWH told Noah exactly when the rain would start… seven days before it started and YHWH sealed Noah and his family into the ark.  Joseph also receive a 7 year warning before a great famine covered the land during which time he was instructed to prepare. 

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