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Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist, Yeshua

Crossing Over the Jordan… Then and Now! Breaking News! in Relation to Scripture & Possible End of This Age Scenarios! King Abdullah of Jordan just announced a 300 million dollar improvement project for the site of Y’shua’s Baptism on the East side of the Jordan River! In addition to this site being where Y’shua was Baptized it is also very likely the exact site where Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan into the Promised Land as well as the exact site where Elisha followed Elijah out of the Land before he was taken up into the clouds after which Elisha crossed back into the Land at this same location! What significance may this news and this site have for us today and in the very near future? We take a look at prophetic pictures in scripture that may answer this question and more in today’s program.

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RUNNING TO SERVE HIM! Abraham ran, Abraham’s servant ran, Laban ran, Rebekah ran, then Jacob ran and Rachel ran… everyone ran! Do we run to do His will?  You might be as surprised as we were to find out how the word run or ran in Hebrew is pronounced.  Listen and see this and many more profound hidden messages in the stories of our fathers and mothers!  RE-POSTED in case you missed it over Thanksgiving week. So THANKFUL for all the lessons we can learn from those that have gone before us in the faith of YHWH!!! In this week’s message we are going to talk about “running” to do the will of our Creator, our Abba.  The last few weeks we’ve been talking about LISTENING to the still small voice of His Ruach or Spirit.  This week we are going to explore RUNNING.  Do we drop everything and RUN like Abraham did to meet with YHWH or to do His will once we hear from Him, as soon as we hear from Him?  We will look at several examples in scripture of ‘running’ toward YHWH or running to do His will as opposed to procrastinating when we hear His voice.  How might an attitude of running or procrastinating effect our physical and eternal salvations.  Is it possible that the difference between the Revelation Church of Philadelphia as opposed to the church of Smyrna may have something to do with how quickly they respond to the leading of His Ruach, how quickly we respond to the calling of Y’shua upon our lives?  Hopefully this message will inspire us all to LISTEN even more intently and then to RUN when He calls us.

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Building upon last week’s program, some believe it is their duty to vote and that is fine as long as you have come to that conclusion through study and much prayer with our Abba.  For those who have instead decided to withdraw their consent by coming out and not participating, is there anything we CAN do to still be salt, light and a blessing to our communities without voting?  Absolutely, but many of these actions take much faith, bravery and discernment of when and how to best be influential as well as thick skin.  In the end, when we’ve listened to Him and done all we could with the talents He’s given us, hopefully we will hear our Abba say, “well done My good a faithful servant”.

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Blood Moon & Elections, LISTENING & Watching

What Does it all Mean?  Should We Vote? Continuing our message from last week regarding a personal walk with Him and listening to that still small voice while also looking at the upcoming US elections in light of the blood moon that will occur early that morning.  What could be the biblical significance of November 8, 2022 which is the 15th day of the eighth biblical month?  What might we watch for in the next several months?  And are we making a covenant with liars when we vote?  Could we be held accountable for what those that ‘win’ these elections do in ‘our’ name as ‘our’ representatives if we participate in elections whether we voted for the winners or not?  “LISTEN” and then you prayerfully decide.

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Why do so many well-studied believers disagree on so many topics? Aren’t we all reading the same scriptures?  Today we are going to take a look at a strict orthodox black and white interpretation of the Torah in contrast to what Paul and the NT might call liberty and freedom in Y’shua Messiah.  Did Paul really mean we are free to disobey or throw out the Torah or Law of YHWH?  Conversely are we to judge other believers’ understandings and different methods of observance of the Torah according to our understanding and how we are called to walk it out?  If we diligently study scripture and are totally convinced and believe we understand and are walking out Torah according to His rules and Spiritual understanding of scripture and His leading, should everyone else’s walk match what we are doing because He has given us this understanding of His Truth?  Or is this where Paul’s law of liberty comes in?

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